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Tarun Gill wiki

Tarun Gill Wiki

Tarun Gill is a well known fitness trainer from India. The multi performer has been an inspiration for a lot of people. Not only he is into youtube and vlogging but this kind hearted person also runs a number of NGO’s that help the needy and under privileged children build their career in the fitness industry. With a fan following of more than 3million Tarun Gill has never looked back in his life and gives full credited of his success to the lady luck of his life. Let’s take a dig in Tarun Gill bio in detail here

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Tarun Gill Biography

Tarun Gill Bio

Tarun Gill might be a market researcher as a profession but from heart he is a fitness freak and posts videos and vlogs on the same on his channel that has more than 3 million followers. He has been a squash player and when 9/11 stuck the world with big recession this guy tried his hand on MBA and sailed through rough times safely.

Highlights About Tarun Gill Wiki

Real name Tarun Gill
Tarun Gill age 32 years
Date of birth 14th july
Birthplace Delhi
Profession Youtuber, Entrepreneur
Hometown Delhi
Zodiac sign Cancer

Tarun Gill Family And Wife

Tarun Gill Wife

Tarun Gill has always been a man of his works and is very close to his family. He believes whatever success he has got in his life is because of his wife and her support. Being a sikh in religion he loves to visit gurudwara and is a huge devotee of Guru Nanak.

Physical appearance of Tarun Gill

Tarun Gill is a good looking and handsome guy who fits perfectly into the attire of an entrepreneur. Being a fitness freak Tarun has a lean and perfectly shaped body that makes his female fans crazy. Not only females but he has a huge male following also and offers guidance to all in maintaining a well toned up body. This 6 ft 1 inch broad built guy is taking over the internet with his dimpled smile like a cake walk

Facts about Him

  • Does he smoke? No Tarun does not like to smoke
  • Tarun Gill stays miles away from alcohol
  • His childhood dream was to become a journalist and has a degree in the same.
  • He has also pursued an internship in Goldman Sachs during is MBA.
  • Tarun Gill wiki was a fitness freak since his college days and after getting suggestion from his colleague he started his youtube channel and has not looked back since then
  • The biggest support system of Tarun Gill is his wife who has been advising him on his videos and vlogs on his channel and operates them accordingly.
  • Tarun Gill is the founder of TG connect and helps under priviledged children build a career in fitness industry
  • He also owns a food supplement company that offers more than 30 products.
  • Tarun Gill is the owner of Fitness League of India that offers 3 crores to the winner
  • He has done a couple of modeling projects too and was the face of manhunt Mr. India international in 2016.
  • Tarun Gill wiki is also a national squash player.

Earlier life of Tarun Gill

Tarun Gill was born in a well established family and has been brought up in Delhi. He was an excellent student in academics and wanted to become a journalist when he grows up. After perusing his bachelor’s degree in journalism he has also done an MBA in the same and also completed his internship with Goldman Saucs. 

Tarun Gill wiki married his girlfriend after an alleged affair of 3 years and from then only she has been his biggest support. Not much is known about his family but he is a very down to earth guy and loves to spend his free time with family and friends.

Social life of Tarun Gill

Being a youtuber Tarun is easily found online and active on his channels. He is also active user of facebook, instagram and twitter. Tarun Gill bio is always there to guide his fans with any kind of guidance required and is also ready to help them financially if he sees the caliber in them.

NGO of Tarun Gill

Tarun Gill wiki has a lot of NGO’s that are connected to him where he helps the under privileged and needy students who have the caliber  of excelling in the field of fitness but are not able to pursue their dream because of financial issues.  

Tarun also runs a gym where his NGO kids can come and get trained from some of the finest trainers in this industry and also helps them to make a name internationally.

His students cannot stop speaking about him and their families also consider him next to God who has helped their children follow their dreams.

In the end

Tarun gill is not only a fitness trainer but is an inspiration to many out there.

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